Why Sustainability Matters

Plant-based skincare: a partnership with mother nature

We believe many of the medicinal cures we need can be found in nature. But what happens when the desire to heal with natural substances leads to waste, a negative impact on our economy, or destruction of the planet?

Why you should care about sustainability

It comes down to creating value today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Sustainability is more than being conscious about the environment, it also includes social responsibility and economic development. All of which have a direct impact on the circumstances we create for future generations.

Our planet’s natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. The amount of resources mined has increased 55% over the last 20 years alone. (source)

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Being aware of this fact means we, as a company, must do our part to be more responsible in the way we do business. Here are a few ways Pearline’s Apothecary is committed to thriving as a sustainable business:

We’ve eliminated palm oil from our soaps

Palm oil is the most commonly produced vegetable oil due to it’s low world market price and ease of use. As of today, we use 66 million tons of palm oil each year. (source)

Today palm oil production is the largest cause of deforestation in Indonesia and other equatorial countries. (source) Not only is wildlife affected, our air quality takes a significant hit when thousands of trees are wiped from the planet.

Imagine having a significant portion of your lungs removed, and how difficult it would be to breathe. Our planet uses trees the same way. They’re often considered the lungs of the planet because they absorb CO2 while creating oxygen for us to breathe. Animals survive in dense rainforests as well, and the trees contribute to the earth’s natural rain supply. (source)

Now, all Pearline’s Apothecary soaps are olive oil based, with a rich mix of other plant-based oils and moisturizers.

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We’re a local, small business

Being a local business means we are helping build the economy in our community. In addition to promoting our area and contributing to the communities identity, we are creating jobs. We’re a small, growing team of 6 and look forward to creating new job opportunities in the near future.

Giving to a good cause

Corporate social responsibility has been a part of our business from the very beginning. We believe a part of caring for our planet includes helping those in need, and we’ve kept our promise to donate soap to a battered women’s shelter here in San Diego.

Building a business and a better future

Building a natural skincare business is great. Building a sustainable business is even better, and we recognize the impact our efforts have on those in our community and the planet we love. What steps are you taking to live sustainable and leave a positive mark on our planet?

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